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The Top Hat (Missoula,MT)

October 16, 2011

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by missoulalive15

If you want a band with the new age southern alternative rock sound, and
if you want to see a band that is still playing small gigs, exploring themselves musically, and has one tremendous CD out that not to many people are aware of. Well, your best bet is to get on the Chamberlin band wagon before the wagon becomes a full on caravan.

This was my second time seeing Chamberlin and both times were in
completely different settings. The first time was at Grand Targhee Music
Festival this past summer. The setting was up in the mountains, massive stage, wide open space, thousands of people, and they were opening for their good companions Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, who are from Vermont just as Chamberlin is. The setting for this second time was of course the fabulous Top Hat, they were headlining, small venue, and up-close and personnel.

Chamberlin’s rise to where they are now has come quick, and it’s very understandable. They are in a genre that is popular and rising everywhere with the likes of Band of Horses, Kings Of Leon, and Mumford & Sons leading the charge. Chamberlin when I first saw them
in Targhee made me think they were just like any of the other band out there in this genre super talented, great vocals, have the perfect sound, but I didn’t see anything different. That was until last night’s show was performed, and without a doubt they have already grown as a band and are finding their own sound. They explored new areas of their songs Paper Crowns and Bitter Blood, giving them more of roller coaster ride of emotion and having a fellow Phish (Phish is also from Vermont) like mini
jam session in each song as well as others. The combination of having four members helping with vocals was right on, the covers from the new EP “Cabin Covers”, which were the songs Passion Pit – Little Secrets and Kanye West/Bon Iver – Lost in the World, definitely had their own Chamberlin twist and were made their own with great acoustics. They controlled the crowd immensely with their calming sound then into the rock out session then right back again to the calming. Hey they even showed some love for Eddy Out Pale Ale, brewed here locally by Kettlehouse brewery calling it the best beer name they have seen.
They ended up showing me a lot of differences in their talents compared to the others that you can relate them to, and all were in the positive.

Chamberlin is young and raw with their talent having been together for a
very short time. They have an amazing soothing sound with the potential to rock out. Either way they play they seem to put the crowd in a trance, a trance in which you are impressed the whole time they play. They are only one CD deep “Bitter Blood” in their career and already you can hear at least two or three major radio hits maybe even more after they jammed the CD last night. This show may have been a once in a lifetime thing to watch live in a small venue such as the Top Hat. With their talent and the popularity of the genre they are in, they
may only be playing sold out arenas, headlining festivals, or the big name amphitheaters. So see them live while you can and be able to tell the story later. Well Played Chamberlin, Well Played.

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