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Buster Blue


The Top Hat (Missoula, MT)

October 12, 2011

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by missoulalive15

Some bands work their whole lives to create their own sound, vibe, style, and musical performance. Some take years to finally find it while others may never find it all, but this past Wednesday (Oct. 12, 2011) at the great live music lounge named the Top Hat one band showed that they found all of the above from the get go and are running with it weather it takes them to the top or fades off into the oblique but from what I saw in the performance it would be a crying musical shame for this band not to make it as far as they are allowed to go.

Buster Blue a five member Americana traditional roots folk/New Orleans jazz swing dancing band came to town on a traditional Montana fall day. The show was a complete masterpiece of multiple instruments, all different kinds of styles, and a complete showing of equal sharing amongst band members. The show opened with a great song that was used for “sound checking” as well as lyrics about how awful sound checking can be, but with as many instruments and vocalists as these guys your sound check is bound to be long. Then it was like watching a mix of so many bands put into one with the Buster Blue style: from the Black Keys to Mumford and Son, Head & Heart to White Stripes, Edward Sharpe to Avett Brothers, don’t take this the wrong way their music was more original then anything I have heard in a long time it is just showing how diverse they are and how many different styles of songs they have in the arsenal. It’s not just the variety of songs it’s the multiple instruments they play on stage clarinet, saxophone, chains, accordion, bucket drum, two pianos, and banjo. All these instruments come together in complete perfect of traditional roots fashion, and speaking of these instruments the thing that will make you appreciate them the most is how they just play musical chairs with them. All members play multiple instruments and each other’s instruments throughout every song, and as you’re watching you realize each member plays each instrument differently giving the song a different edge and the sound becomes something totally new. Buster Blue then throws in a little more showing you that all members can sing are vocalists at multiple times in the show. As you can read this band is versatile in all aspects of a performance. Every song they played off what I am assuming is a new CD they are working on starting with “Good Ole Days” was a better song then the one before, and “Good Ole Days” was top notch.

I could go on forever on a band with this much skill, musical talent, and folk diversity but I will end it telling you that live music lovers and musicians have to watch their show. One quick not is you are going to be around Tahoe, NV go see them they are going to cover “The Band Last Waltz” (They gave us a taste of it with Neil Young – Helpless, Enough said). They are eccentric and have created a musical sound that brings you back to the roots of America with the new age vibe to catch the younger people of America. I love that they played their hearts out for the small crowd. Knowing that no one there had seen them play live before it was as if it motivated them to prove us of their greatness and I approved after the second song. Well Played Buster Blue, Well Played.

(My apologies no concert pics were obtained due to the fact I

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