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Ft. Lauderdale, FL

September 13, 2009

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by Adrienne Calacano

Bruce and the E-Street Band haven't lost any energy over the years, for sure.  No pauses, no breaks - it was Bruce's 1-2-3-4 count and on to the next song.  Unfortunately, they were songs most of us weren't familiar with, and apparently most of it from his new CD.    I believe the sound engineer and lighting director are more than likely looking for new jobs this morning as there were many, many technical difficulties.  The concert started an hour later than scheduled, which is no surprise.  This is normal when it comes to Springsteen.  It was blamed on the weather and that the band couldn't make it in from Tampa on time.  I will agree, except that over the years, they've always started at least an hour late.  Max Wienberg was the most interesting part of the show.  He's simply "Miracle Max".  He couldn't seem to get comfortable, standing frequently and kicking his stools behind him and off the stage, but never missed a beat.  However, he's looking a little bloated and pale and we were seriously worried that he wasn't going to make it through the show.  We wish him well.  He's simply amazing.  Clarence Clemmons and Steven Van Zant were, as always, rock steady and fantastic to watch.  I've been waiting a long time to see Springsteen again, and I can't say it was worth the wait.  It was "ok", but not fantastic.  I have to admit, I'd never thought I would see accordians players and Irish folk music played at a Springsteen concert, but it was unique, and as Bruce said "You won't see THIS at a U2 concert!".  I have to agree with that.  It was entertaining.  There were only really 2 songs that got the crowd really involved - Born to Run and Dancing in the Dark.  Other than that most of us were lost.  Our fault, I suppose.  I was sitting next to some absolute die-hard fans that seem to know every lyric of every song of every Springsteen song written (not a fortunate thing as they were tone deaf and kept singing anyway) and they seemed to enjoy it, but not the way I remember enjoying him in the earlier years.  It was a fantastic show from the perspective of 2.5 hours of non-stop music, audience particiaption and he brought several children onstage with him to dance and sing along (they were about 5-10 years old and didn't know the lyrics from the new songs either) but it was sweet and warm and fun and gave everyone that warm-fuzzy feeling about The Boss.  However, I left feeling like I'd been to the wedding reception of a good friend and never got a piece of cake.  The end of the concert was simply odd.  They finished and handed the instruments to their handlers, the house lights came up and they walked off the stage.  The End.  It seemed mechanical and tired.  I probably won't be so excited to see another Springsteen concert - or I'd better start brushing up on the new stuff.  I hope the new sound man clears up the muddiness and the lighting director wakes up before the middle of the show.  The techinical director had some issues as well.  Not the smoothest running show on earth, but he's at the very least very connected with the audience that is lucky enough to be closer to the stage (we were in the nose-bleed section.)  It was worth seeing, but still, left me a little empty.

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