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September 11, 2008

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by Archie522

Sticky & Sweet Tour - Wembley

Her Madge entered at 9.10pm after the advertised time of 8.30pm, there was no warm up band or anything just some crappy background music for the fans (some of who had been there since the doors opened at 5.00pm). Eventually once the VIPs (Paltrow, Fergie, etc took their seats) then funny old thing 5 mins later Her Madge came out,. The show and Madge herself were brilliant although I did not think she put very much into the concert and her efforts at trying to get participation were pretty pathetic and Madge was on the stage for approx 1hr and 50mins. The crowd did not even hang around for an encore (of which there wasn't). Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and am an avid Madonna fan but I think the fans were a bit short changed by value for money & her madge may be getting a bit complacent with the way the fans are treated. I will certainly keep buying & listening to her sonngs but I would be very doubtful if I would splash out another £180.00 for me & the Mrs to go and watch.

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Comments    3 comments on this document

On 10/07/2008 at 11:53:23 [PST] Gary wrote:
We saw the show last night, 10/6 at MSG. It was disappointing. I expected much more after paying a ridiculous $355 per ticket. She lip synced half her songs. She also played to much new crap. Granted, this is coming from a Metallica fan who was only going because his wife is a huge Madonna fan. ;o)

On 10/14/2008 at 10:24:22 [PST] wrote:
I agree....she sucked! Walked out half way through. I was a long time fan....

On 07/21/2009 at 09:52:50 [PST] Bootzbex wrote:
i totally agree, we saw her at 02, apparentely being 1.5 hours late on stage is ok for pop queen -- not! no encore....not the way to influence fans and felt like we were wanted there only to boost her ego. i WAS a madonna fan since i was 16 (now 44) i am not now, saw david Gray a week later and duran duran last thursday, now they know how to appreicate the fans. i went to Take That in coventry and wish i had seen them a second time instead of whats her name now madoughnut? by the way she was going on about the planet - our planet or the one she is on?

Comments    3 comments on this document

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