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Hard Rock LIve, Hollywood, Florida

February 16, 2012

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by PeterP

A very professional and entertaining show from the origial American Idol and, in my mind one of the 2 or 3 best artists the show has produced.

Kelly has cornered a nice line in angry girl power rock songs which suit her powerful voice. Kelly admitted to suffering from the flu and her voice was a touch off, but she's a thorough professional and apart from one mid song break she did a great job. The 9 piece band was loud and tight and Kelly's becoming an accopmplished frontman. She sang all her hits. Although not of her generation I particularly liked Beautiful Disaster and Stronger.

l am a Florence and the Machine fan and I loved it when Kelly appeared in the audience to sing I'm so Heavy [hint- choose your seats carefully!].

The crowd was into it and on their feet most of the time, no small achievement at the casino crowd heavy Hard Rock.

Kelly came back with an encore of Never Again!

I recommend her show 

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