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Hard Rock LIve, Hollywood, Florida

February 21, 2012

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by PeterP

Barry Gibb lives in Miami and was enticed out of retirement by the Hard Rock, Hollywood, Florida.

I thank the Hard Rock, as this was a truly great show! It's a pity that there may not be more.

You may not like disco but there's no denying the Bee Gees have written some great songs. LIke all good songwriters many good songs were left out, but this was Barry's reminiscences through his life. He was supported by many of his family including son Steven and niece Sammy and many more in the audience.

Barry got the crowd [the most enthusuastic I have seen for some time at the Hard Rock] on their feet straight away with Jive Talking. His falsetto may be an acquired taste but it's music to move and dance to.

Things slowed down when Barry sang a great version of Peggy Lee's Fever and lesser known Bee Gee songs First of May and Morning of my LIfe.  it was interesting to hear the very first Bee Gees hit, Spicks and Specks, which I had never heard before and was very Beatles influenced. Then Barry sang some of the songs he has written for female singers such as Dolly and Barbra.

The show moved from great to emotional as Barry talked about his brothers,the late Andy and Maurice and then to Robin battling cancer. What talents!

Although a one off show, the 11 piece band was not underrehearsed. The Hard Rock pulled out all the stops on lighting including a disco ball.

The show concluded with an encore of Saturday NIght Fever songs.

I loved it, Barry. PLEASE do more! 




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