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Library Mall- University of North Texas

October 10, 2012

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by sarajlim

On October 10th, Andy Grammer rolled into UNT for a free concert put on by UPC. It began at 8pm with Chris Wallace as the opening act. Chris seemed unknown to most of the crowd, but he quickly charmed us all with his charisma and style. I felt that he had a great stage presence and pumped us all up for Andy Grammer. After he finished, there was approximately 30 minutes of moving equipment/people around on stage. I know that the break was necessary, but I felt that they could have completed the necessary tasks in less time.

 At approximately 9:45, Andy Grammer took the stage. I liked how he interacted with the crowd, telling us stories about himself and even coming into the crowd at one point during a song. He seemed very encouraging to the numerous music majors in the crowd (UNT is known for their music program), even if he had a small, but noticeable, gaffe.

 Overall, I think it was a successful concert. Everyone, including myself, enjoyed it immensely.

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