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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


Count Basie Theatre Red Bank NJ

February 22, 2013

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by JeffH

Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank New Jersey.   Grace Potter and the Nocturnals  2/22/2013

Could have been so much more.............

Ok so we start out with some self-aggrandising Flying Vee guitar work from Grace, whos really not a guitar player. Really? A bunch of cliche rock moves with a slide thats little more then noise. Ugh.... Not what I was hoping to see but, its just the begining. The band finally comes out Whew......  This is a talented band with a fun personality, and skills to match. The sound is just awful. Having been in the studio and worked with live acts for well over 10 years, I am, and the band should be mortified if they go back and listen to a recording of the show. Whoever miced the drums should be shot, they sounded like there were blankets on the heads and you couldnt pick apart a tom from a snare. Im sitting 15th row center, its not my location. I know Grace was playing keys, B3 etc, but only because she was standing behind them, not because you could hear them. Guitars? Muddy noise that you couldnt differenciate one guitar from the other and the bass was so overwhelming that at times, thats about all you could here. Vocals? Buried behind mud. Ugh........ The intricate and melodic tendencies of this band are worth hearing. They dont need noise to cover anything up. If I was the manager of this band, the sound man would be gone at the end of the show. This band is far too good to be in the hands of someone this inept.

The set list was fine, would like to have heard more of the new record and less covers, but oh well... The band played well, inspired, grew more passionate as the show went on. Encore was interesting and playing to the joisy crowd with Atlantic City was fun although a fairly moody and uninspiring song from Bruuuuce. They should have opened with the The Lion, The Beast The Beat, it a perfect song to open with.....So take away the inept job the sound man did, which did no justice to the band, it was a very good show. But Could Have Been So Much More..........

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