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The Royal Albert Hall

May 12, 2008

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by The Bear

After a lovely night at the Milestone Hotel about 10 minutes walk from the Royal Albert Hall. I went in to the magnificent building with great excitement. Bryan May and wife Angie Dickinson had just arrived all big hair and sequins. I brushed shoulders with Ronnie Corbett, who is surprisingly small by the way, but cant help but be funny, even though he had to go upstairs for a drink of spirits.

The hall was as impressive as ever ad my loggia box seats were more than adequate.

I know this show very well, and I have to say that Tim Rice's opinion that this is the way to see it is wholly justified.

On the plus side the Orchestra were brilliant, the choir; flawless, the supporting principles; excellent. However I am also a total fan of Wicked, the original London cast by the way. Idina made the role, she owns the role, its her role!

I felt totally let down by her performance is this show, not only was she miscast, she clearly had not learned the show and her timing was at best; loose.

Now on the plus side, if you have never had the chance to see Josh Groban live, then you have missed out, totally. The guy was absolutely brilliant, despite a very average performances from Marti Pellow (who should stick to pop in my opinion) totally controlled the whole show. His mellow voice filled the Albert Hall, and I was proud to provide him with a standing ovation for his version of Anthem, which Ok is a brilliant song by itself. But every single patron was off their chair is seconds at the end of that song. We are living in an age of musical mediocrity and frankly we should feel honoured to be able to see talent like Josh Grobans take the stage and blow the "musical theatre professionals" off the stage with his combination of deference, humility and outstanding vocal ability. Go see him... I don't care if you have to steal the tickets or drive a thousand miles... go see him! That's an order.

Adam Pascal gave a memorable performance and pitied the child extremely well, although lets face it you would expect it of him. Kerry Ellis as Svetlana wiped the floor with all the other female performers, a beautiful rounded tone and faultless performance gave her the "dame of the evening" award.

David Bedella as Molokov, was excellent. A deep resonance to his voice added to his excellent portrayal as the "nasty Russian" guy.

Other cast members were fine, but not worth noting.

So in conclusion, sorry Idina, green up again and get on the broomstick, your fab at that but please please, leave the singing to our hero of the show, Mr Josh Groban. Truly stunning.

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