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November 5, 2011

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by BassMaster

Well the first disappointment of the evening was the opening act: Jonathan Coulton.  I have never heard of him before, but he started his stage show with a comedy bit I have seen done better by a ton of comedians about how he was supposed to ask the crowd how they were and was real schmoozy show business stand up comic like, but without being funny.  He played a few songs that were so obviously meant to be funny, but weren't on his acoustic guitar before he played a song where every instrument was sampled except his voice; i.e., electric guitar, drums, keys, bass...  which sounded really unprofessional.   

Then, TMBG finally took the stage and although this was billed as not being a kid's show, they played a few kid songs and did not perform many of their past hits.  I counted Zero songs from the Pink Album, which celebrated it's 25th Anniversary the day before.  I counted One song from Lincoln...  Ana Ng (which was slightly off and seemed rather unrehearsed), and three or four from Flood...  the main performance consisted of new songs which weren't very clever and them filling in time with a comedy act.  I saw the two Johns back in 1991 and thought they were great when it was just the two of them...  these days John F brings his wife onstage and John L looks entirely disinterested in the entire concept of performing live.   The show was a little short and John F. aggressively hawked his goods from the stage...  The highlight of the evening was leaving...  the audience didn't consist of the typical music fans and scenesters, but overweight gamers, so if you take music seriously you may want to avoid this show; if you like children's songs and hanging out with gamers this might be the show for you...

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