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She Makes War


The Grosvenor, Stockwell

March 20, 2008

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by Siany

She Makes War is the stage name of musician Laura Kidd. She doesn't have (or need) a band, but she does have a guitar and a distortion pedal. Despite looking sweet, the girl can make some noise.

She got a great voice that carried itself through the room. Always a lot nicer than listening to women screeching to be heard when they don't really need to. She can play the guitar well and she enjoys herself.

Better than everything, is her lyrics. They're fantastic. Especially my favourite song, 'I deny' which gave us a few goosebumps. She Makes War can go from being all loud and shouty, to having some really lovely ballads. That was quite a shock as we weren't expecting her to be quite so romantic.

She just does romance with edge. And in face paint which is pretty darn cool.

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