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Jones Beach Theater

July 3, 2017

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by Barkingspider

Where do I begin??

First off, if you have never seen Rammstein live then you're not fully living life. They are a band that is a must see before you kick the bucket. 

The day was hot as hell and Rammstein kept all of us (impatiently in my case) waiting for them to explode onto the stage. They had a black cloth draping over the screen with some white numbers on it that began a countdown from 10 a little after 9pm. As the numbers dropped down the crowd became deafening and as it hit zero fireworks from the top of the stage took flight in a fabulous display of red and white. The pyrotechnics did not end there. 

Rammstein exploded into "Ramm 4" while a couple of the band members were lowered down onto the stage from moving rafters and in true Till Lindeman fashion he came tap dancing out onto the stage in what I am now dubbing his "Pimp Suit" all in white. The transition into the next song "Reise Reise" (a favorite of mine) was smoother than a baby's butt. As Rammstein flawlessly went from one song to another with pyrotechnics taking place in almost every set,  the crowd got more riled up and more loud each time. The highlight for my 61 year old father, that absolutely loves Rammstein, was when they erupted into "Ich Tu Dir Weh" (another favorite of mine as well) and Till was raised into the air with his bucket of fire and sparkles and he dumped them on Christian Lorenz after dragging him around the stage like a dog and depositing him into the fire safe (i'm guessing anyway lol) mine cart looking thing that is big enough for a human being. I still don't know what to call that haha. Till proceeded to dump the mixture onto "Flake" Lorenz and he emerged shiny and sparkly!! The antics didn't stop after that! Rammstein was on a roll and they had the crowd, me included, in absolute awe with their stage presence. Till brought out his boomerang bazooka for "Du Hast" and had the crowd in a frenzy. After ripping through "Stripped" the band launched into their encore which was absolutely amazing! They started with "Sonne" and transitioned into "Amerika." I still think it's funny that a song about hating the American culture and making fun of us and the people just went wild lol. But it's Rammstein so yeah... Rammstein ended an otherwise epic concert with the song "Engel" which was the one song I was waiting for. Till started singing the first few lines from the song with his amazeball angel wings rising up behind him. He attached himself to the wings and was then raised a good 10 feet or so into the air. The lights were flashing in a dizzying fashion with flames also coming off the stage and the climax of the whole song was when Till engaged his flaming angel wings. The flames (to me anyway) seemed to get progressively bigger coming out of his wings near the end. It was a truly epic concert and experience. The band, after finishing "Engel" all got down one knee and it was truly a touching scene to behold from the band. Till then got up and spoke in English to us. He said, "Thank you very much" and drew out the much which made me laugh. Truly humble band. I have never experienced a band getting down on one knee after performing like that. 

Getting to see Rammstein live was an awesome experience that I am glad I got to witness. It was a birthday present from my parents but I knew my dad wanted to go and rock out to them as well and boy did we rock out!! It made the 5 hour ride on the back of my dad's Harley Davidson worth the pain my butt suffered being on the back of that thing. Till Lindeman you made it worth it!!! 

This concert gets 2 thumbs up and a Hell Yeah!! from me. They rocked the hell out of Jones Beach Long Island NY on the 25th of June and I look forward to seeing them again soon in the future.

- Barkingspider  

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