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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe & Anders Osborne Trio


The Top Hat (Missoula,MT)

November 3, 2011

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by missoulalive15

Have you all listened to the whole The Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers”
album, and I mean truly listened to the album from start to finish no
interruptions? I will be honest I had never done it, and to those of you who
have, one big bag of Kudos?

I knew what the songs on the album contained off, and I knew that it was considered by many as The Rolling Stones best album of all time. I didn’t know that when you play it from start to finish without stopping it becomes a storybook album that just keeps on giving to the musical fan, and I also did not
know that Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe would play it with great dignity to a
relocated Wilma crowd at The Top Hat.

I will of course talk about the covers and the job that KDTU did with the show, but first let us take a quick peek at the Anders Osborne Trio, the band
that opened up the show. Anders Osborne
seemed to have one thing to accomplish to the crowd, and that was to prove to
everyone that he was worthy to play with KDTU, a band with a huge close
following that does not like change, as well as prove to the crowd that he was a
worthy man to cover The Rolling Stones with KDTU. He accomplished this feat with
in the first two minutes of the first song. In a prime electric guitar showing Anders shred his face off in two jams
to open the show. Both songs were long, looped back, had crazy highs and lows,
and were way heavier than I expected. This man, Anders Osborne, is a wizard
guitar player and he does it differently then I would have thought. He would go
very dark into the abyss with his jam and then pop you back with the original
riff. He showed complete passion in his playing and he likes it loud as we all
do if we truly love electric guitar. Throw a bass player in there has stage
presence like no other and looks like he was stolen from Whitesnake, and a
drummer who does his thing while looking like a man who just got done skiing in
the eighties and you got the Anders Osborne Trio. A trio that jams hard, plays
hard, looks hard, and has more character then all other electric guitar shred
trio bands I have ever seen.

Thank you
for truly setting the stage for KDTU and “Sticky Fingers”.

Not have ever seen a big name band cover a whole album I went in not
knowing what to expect at all. An open mind can lead to a lot of lovely
surprising things especially in music, and this is what had happened to me.
First off I was so happy KDTU started the show with a couple of their true jams,
and they jammed them out throwing in as few lyrics as possible (my favorite kind
of music) the only lyrical jam being “Satisfied”. They were showing off how
talented their band is, making the claim that they may be the best jazz-funk jam
band out there right now hands down. Karl was his usual self brining the energy
up to the max with his dancing, soulful singing, flute and sax swapping, and
swagger that makes you get down. At the
end of what I like to call the first short set they played a super space funk
repetitive jam with Karl Denson on the piano almost as if they were sound
checking to perfection everything before everyone truly got “Sticky

Anders Osborne then came on stage, everyone knew what was about to happen
next, unless you where the not smart people there who didn’t know that KDTU was going to cover The Rolling Stones (yes these people were there and upset- it was sad). Brown Sugar was then ripped through The Top Hat, and the whole place went to the next level. The whole album was then jammed in its entirety from start to finish. Of course, crowd favorites such as Wild Horses & Brown Sugar were sung along giving the crowd a chance to be involved. Were the real magic
happened was the last four songs of the album, I Got The Blues – Sister Morphine – Dead Flowers – Moonlight Mile. This four song ending truly capped off what KDTU was trying to do. The band and Anders were at the peak of their performance during these four songs. It sounded so clean and the jams and breakdowns seemed to echo off the walls in The Top Hat, and for a few parts in each song if you
closed your eyes you truly felt like you were at a Stones show. That alone is a huge accomplishment for a band covering such an untouchable album, and there version’s of Sister Morphine into Dead Flowers is where I personally was sent
back in time.

KDTU then capped the night by coming back on stage for his encore with
just his original members (no Anders Osborne) and played one more long super
funk jam. I believe it was Dance Lesson #2, but I have been wrong before and I
definitely can be wrong again. Either way the last jam for the encore at the end
of the night was the best I have ever seen KDTU sound and look. This was the
fourth time they have made me get groovy and that last double digit minute jam
at the end of the night was the best song I have ever seen them do. I guess
after covering The Rolling Stones you are feeling pretty confident you can do
anything musically.

KDTU and Anders Osborne did something not to many bands do or ever
attempt. It was a new challenge and a risky one to cover The Rolling Stones. I
know one thing for sure they made you realize how talented they are in a whole
new perspective, and they also made you remember and realize how unreal The
Rolling Stones were and how “Sticky Fingers” is a greatest hits album in itself.
Karl Denson is a performer and every year he has gotten better and better, which
is a true testament to his musical mind and the amazing band members he has
surrounded himself with. Anders Osborne picked the perfect tour to open for and
play for. I promise you he was put on many people’s music libraries that next
day after what he showed Missoula he can do. It was an ultra professional show
in all aspects, and The Top Hat now feels like KDTU second home and I cannot
wait for them to be back.

Well Played
KDTU & Anders, Well Played!!!!!!

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