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February 13, 2008

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by Siany

Disco doesn't seem to cover just how cool PartyShank are. But neither does drum and bass. I guess if you mixed the two together and threw in some pop then that would go some way to explaining what they sound like.

Thankfully Party Shank pull this off really well. They throw all their stuff together and they're good. They're cool and fun and you can't help but dance. It's not even the kind of music I'd usually listen to but if dancey music is good then I'm more than happy to jump about a bit.

The only thing is that Party Shank is ALL about the music. It's all pressing buttons and twiddling knobs. Not that there's anything wrong with this, but it's not exactly fun to watch. The guys look cool, but there's no performance. The don't dance about, they don't smile. They don't interact with the crowd at all. I know most of the crowd are all dancing and off their tits, but I'd have liked to see some sort of interaction.

Shame, because apart from that I really did enjoy the show.

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