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KFC Yum! Center, Louisville, KY

March 24, 2012

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by CalebHLEdwards

Miranda Lambert was defintely "On Fire"

I had seen Miranda Lambert live in concert once before.  At that time, she was beginning as a headliner and didn't have a very advanced show. Even then, she put on one hell of a show, and brought along some amazing opening acts.

Now in 2012, Miranda Lambert was back with her "On Fire" tour, along with Jerrod Niemann and Chris Young.  I was hyped for this show, because I knew what to expect from her.  And by the sounds of the crowd chanting and screaming, just waiting for the doors to open, they were hyped up, too!  (Keep in mind that the Louisville Cardinals had just won their basketball game in the tournament earlier that day).

Jerrod Niemann took the stage and sang some of his well-known hits, such as "Lover Lover", "One More Drinking Song", and "What Do You Want From Me".  The crowd was responsive and sang along to his songs.  While Jerrod is fairly new to country music, he was one of the better opening acts I've seen in a while.

When Chris Young came out, the crowd went crazy.  He started his set off with "Save Water, Drink Beer", and had the crowd into it.  He had the arena singing the "Save water!" and the "Drink beer!" parts of the song.  Chris also sang his back-to-back number one singles, and thanked the crowd all along for making the songs number ones.  Of course, the crowd went crazy for "Gettin' You Home".  After he finished his setlist, everyone was talking about how good he was on stage.

Finally, Miranda Lambert came out.  She had the Beyonce song "Run The World" playing on the screens and the audio, and when it stopped the curtain dropped and she walked up to the mic singing "Fastest Girl In Town".  From the second she started singing, she kept the crowd into it.  Miranda is a natural-born performer, and it showed.  I can't even begin to list all of the highlights from her show, but I'm going to touch on my favorite parts.  Miranda sang "Over You", and I swear it sounded better live than on the radio.  At one point, she told the crowd to "Calm down, this is a concert." When she got ready to sing "The House That Built Me", she was talking to the crowd as her guitar player played in the background, and she told us that she'd about started to cry when she went offstage to put on some more lipstick.  She talked about her Pistol Annies bandmate, Angelina Presley, who lost her house in the recent tornadoes that have swept through Kentucky.  The guitar player stopped playing, and Miranda turned and said, "You can keep playing! It sounds pretty," and then she kept talking to us.  She started crying as she told us about Angelina and why this song means so much to her.  Then she asked us to sing the song because she couldn't.  Miranda sang the first line and the crowd sang the rest, except for her singing two lines in the second verse, the bridge, and the last chorus.  The whole time, she looked extremely humbled.  She also told us at one point that all of the ticket sales from that show were being donated to the American Red Cross in light of the recent Kentuckian storms.  Miranda got some of the biggest ovations I've ever heard, and I've been to a lot of concerts.  Overall, Miranda Lambert puts on a rowdy show, and she brings her attitude to the stage, but at the same time she is completely humble.

If you're considering going to a Miranda Lambert show, it is well worth the money.

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On 11/28/2012 at 20:28:07 [PDT] wrote:
The faster one gets to the sound source through the concert the higher the harm might be to your ears, sit flipside a bit and you can unmoving hear the music without so greatly hurt being positioned on your ears.

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