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Bonnie Raitt


Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Forida

December 1, 2013

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by PeterP

Bonnie Raitt played a bit of a stinker at the Hard Rock on November 30, 2013; or at best a yawner.

I suppose I should have guessed it was going to put me to sleep when the opening act, Paul Brady, lowered the energy level in the room to several degrees below the frigid temperature favored by the Hard Rock. 

Bonnie hardly raised the energy level and gave the game away at one point when she commented that 'there was nice little night club vibe going'. It appeared that's the ambiance she aims for.

It's hard to categorize Bonnie; she seems to want to be a kind of Steely Dan but has a great naturally bluesy voice which I think is wasted on slow country songs; to me by far the best part of the evening were the bluesy songs including Bob Dylan's Million Miles. She managed to underwhelm on a good Gerry Rafferty song, Right Down the LIne. The shame of the evening was that the four piece band and especially Bonnie's singing and playing are rather good. Her hit, Right Down the Line was played without a great deal of energy and barely roused the audience. The vibe was not helped by Bonnie's prohibition on photographs/video, causing the Hard Rock security staff to run up and down pointing flashlights at potential offenders. I get that facing a sea of little glowing screens is distracting, but I think artists have nothing to fear from their videos appearing everywhere. It increases desire to see the real thing. Nothing can compare to being there in person for a good band and Bonnie has nothing to fear on that account and also looks great for 64.....anyway....enough of that rant!

I feel bad not recommending talented musicians with abilities far above anything I can do, but have to say that this is a show for avid Bonnie Raitt fans only. Sorry! 



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On 05/16/2014 at 02:03:45 [PDT] Basha wrote:
I feel bad not recommending talented musicians with abilities far above anything I can do, but have to say that this is a show for avid Bonnie Raitt fans only. Sorry!
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