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Letchworth Arts Centre

May 22, 2010

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by tenacity

 Piano Recital (Piano Not Included) combines music, theatre and humour in an exploration of backstage disasters, joys, struggles and attitudes of professional musicians. It comprises music from the mainstream concert repertoire, arranged for Violin, Cello and Horn with short sketches, inspired by the experiences of the members of the Goldman Ensemble and those of their fellow performers. The show is written and performed entirely by the Members of the Goldman Ensemble.

Piano Recital (Piano Not Included) was inspired by a true story . . .

It is March 2008. St Martin-in-the-Fields is packed with an expectant audience, blissfully unaware of the panic taking place behind the small door to the left of the stage. Less than thirty minutes to go and the pianist who was to play with the Goldman Ensemble at the prestigious performance has not yet arrived. He is stuck in the mayhem of London traffic, made especially worse by the extensive road works within the city. But the show must go on. Can the concert really go ahead without a pianist?

This performance is the reworked version of the original show of the same name. I saw the original version in Brighton in 2009 and thoroughly enjoyed both the music and the theatrical elements and was thrilled to learn that a new show by the Goldman Ensemble was to take place in Letchworth Garden City. It was well worth the journey to travel to see them perform again.

Despite the wilting heat, the show was as fresh and entertaining as ever and the music sublime! Musicians and music lovers often take their art far too seriously and forget to laugh and enjoy themselves. There were clever and humorous twists and turns to the story-line, and exquisitely performed music. What a surprise to hear the ensemble, consisting of Violin, Cello and Horn, sounding like an organ (Toccata and Fugue in d minor by J.S. Bach)! And where on earth can one hear a horn (Gavriella Goldman) being played so convincingly in every range possible as in Mozart’s Voi que Sapete, from the Marriage of Figaro? There is also a very exciting performance of Schubert’s lied, Der Erlkonig, with the horn singing the part of the baritone and the violin and the cello playing Schubert’s very difficult and dramatic piano part depicting the horse galloping though the dark forest.


The violin (Ortal Goldman) plays with a range of colours and intensity from Mozart’s shining simplicity to dramatic pieces such as those described above. She also arranges all the pieces for the ensemble brilliantly. The cello (Tirzah Goldman) performs an exquisite rendition of Schubert’s Ave Maria, rivalling any fine singer’s performance. She plays with sensitivity and drama as required, adding lovely touches of humour (did I see Yoyo’s characteristics at times?)


But I dare not give away too much of this show, Piano Recital (Piano Not Included) for you should watch out for their next performance and make every effort to attend. I would be happy to watch the show again and again and . . .


The audience members all left the show with smiles and laughter. Something the world needs now . . .  





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On 05/25/2010 at 09:05:52 [PDT] Happy wrote:
Brilliantly funny and worthwhile seeing!

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