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February 20, 2008

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by concert freak

Went to see van halen both nights.

The guitar god was in great shape and played extremely well. There is a reason he was and is one of the best guitar players of all time. Eddie still rips thru songs effortlessly. he makes it look simple.

alex of course had great sets and solo's. One of vanhalens mainstays has been his constant drum prowess. he is a master drummer with no signs of his ageing, taking any toll

wolfgang van halen filled in admirable on the bass, good kid that had a lot of fun with his dad {eddie} while playing

david lee roth however left alot to be desired. His microphonnes on the first night seemed like they were off, wheather he had it low so as not to hear, or it was just technical problems you could barely hear him, and on the second night it seemed to get better {louder} but his voice seems to be cracking and he left alot of the high pitched screams out completely

all in all a great show, but you could see now why eddie chose to move on with other singers over the years without DLR. He has lost a step.

with that being said, definatly worth going and haveing a great time, not to mention to "dance the night away"

concert freak

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On 05/11/2008 at 17:17:03 [PDT] RockinRay wrote:
Possibly it was his...."lookin' like a 26 year old abs or the way everyone stared at him"...wherever Dave went on stage that pissed you off so much. I saw them four times this year...Cleveland, DC, Vegas and Columbus. Dude, you are a complete idiot. Typical of a jealous pri** to use the Eddie sounded so awesome man!!! Alex really rocked out man!!! Dave...aww, he left a lot to be desired. Bullshi*. Your review sucked becausee frankly, Dave has never been Pavarotti. He is bluesy and sexy and for 53, he can still make young and older girls swoon like a young stud. His sound is still great and he hit high notes...not sure where you were. Maybe you were too busy staring at Eddie because he does not intimidate you or something. But Little Dreamer...every time dave sings it, hair stands on end and I hear the true and original Van Halen. For your info guy, while Dave smokes a little grass he is in excellent shape, eats well, works out and works on his craft. Ed , although I love the guy, looks sloppy and was playing sloppy before the last rehab stint. Do us all favor, let real fans review shows and keep your envy far away from Diamond Dave!

On 05/24/2008 at 02:19:11 [PDT] Ice Cream Girl wrote:
The 1st time I saw VH was in the 80s - long hair, crazy show... you can imagine. So I saw them in San Antonio this year - wow was I amazed. Eddie still tears it up, and DLR can still put on a show -- even if he's a little like your creepy uncle who used to be in a band... The kids behind me were about 20, and said it was the first big stadium show they had ever seen that was all about the music, and not a bunch of poser crap. Well, maybe a little. (DLR) But the energy was incredible, and if you're a VH fan, go see the show! And whatever anybody says about Wolfgang, you get out there with one of the hugest bands in history and play half as well as he does -- then have an opinion. He rocked!

Comments    2 comments on this document

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