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Santa Fe Station, Chrome Showroom, LV, NV

August 8, 2008

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by videan

I've seen the Romantics in their prime and now in their twilight. The band still has 3 mainstays with Wally Palmer, Mike Skill and Coz Canler. Though Canler is not an original his guitar play is and has been exceptional ever since he joined the band on the Strictly Personal album.

The Chrome Showroom only holds about 400 people and at best their were 200 people there for the show. When the band came on they opened with "Rock You Up" an upbeat rocker of from the In Heat album. Throughout the show the band had great energy and sounded crisp. They played many of my personal favorites; When I Look in Your Eyes, Stone Pony, A Night Like This, One in a Million, Talking in you Sleep and of course What I like About You.

Throughout the show the band played a few tunes from an album called 61/49. This album was released after several years of legal complications which didnt allow them to record. The album came out with many saying it was a brilliant effort. The live versions of what I heard were solid. I wish I would have purchased and listened to the effort prior to the show.

The band definitely misses former drummer Jimmy Marinos. His vocals were very distinct and his power style of drumming was a show in itself. That said, I was not disappointed, in fact I was pleasantly suprised and also reminded favorably as to why I loved this band!

There were songs I wish they would have played, they brought no material from "Strictly Personal" which never recieved its just due and they need to always include "Want to Love You Some More" from the In Heat album, listen to the King Bisquit live version its outstanding.

If you can give The Romantics a look if they come to your town.

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