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Crosby, Stills and Nash


Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Florida

August 21, 2009

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by PeterP

A show that promised much but fell well short of my expectations. These icons have a lot of material but their song choice was puzzling at least for audience entertainment. The opening 40 minutes were a yawn as CSN performed acoustic folk songs. Just as the audience was getting restless they took it up a notch with a nice version of Ruby Tuesday. The electric part of the show was at least at lot louder and these guys still harmonize well. I suppose it must get old for them playing the crowd favorites, but longer versions of songs like Marrakesh Express would have been well received by the audience instead of a a song like Guinevere. Personally I like their blues numbers best with the stand out being Long Time Gone. These blues numbers including Almost Cut Hair seem to suit their voices best and showcase their skills. 

When it was too late the audience demanded an encore and got Love the One You're With and Teach Your Children; probably out of boredom with playing these they allowed the audience to sing most of these numbers.

See it to tick it off your list of iconic bands. 

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