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Bad Company


Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Florida

August 8, 2008

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by PeterP

A one off show by Bad Company billed as preserving the rights to the band's name.

Bad Company showed they could still rock and were not apparently unrehearsed in this one off show which was being filmed for a DVD. Paul Rodgers in particular still has the vocal power and personality to put on a great rock show. He showed why he's Freddy Mercury's replacement in Queen. Paul energized an unusually enthusuastic Hard Rock crowd from the the first number - Bad Company, all the way through the show, an impressive effort. Mick Ralphs, one of the 3 surviving Bad Company members also played with skill and fire. The 3 original members were joined by 2 new musicians. Being somewhat unfamiliar with Bad Company's music I was surprised by the amount of good material the band has created which had the audience on their feet for most of the show. There were a couple of slightly rough patches such as the over loud base during an acoustic set by the 3 original band members. That would be worked out if the band were to perform more often.

An enjoyable evening, highlighted by the band's and Paul Rodger's ability to keep the audience fully involved. The audience called for 2 encores by the band [a first in my experience at the Hard Rock] and some of the evening's best playing was in the encore on Can't Get Enough of your Love. The band members' age fell away from the band and I feel sure they did not play better in the 1970's.

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