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Indigo, O2 Arena, London

June 18, 2009

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by PeterP

Caught the last show of the 10 CC tour in the Indigo at the O2 Arena. I have never been inside the O2 arena but the Indigo is the ideal size and layout for a concert. [I think about 2500 seats].

Although only Graham Gouldman is an original member of the band he assembled some more than competent musicians to recreate 10cc. Gouldman also wrote a number of hits for other bands in the 60's including Heart Full of Stone and For Your Love for the Yardbirds [who morphed into Led Zeppelin] and Bus Stop and Look through any Window for the Hollies. He sang these and other hits in the first half of the show in an excellent acoustic set where he was progressively assisted by introducing other members of the band.

After the break the band got down to 10 CC material and I had forgotten how strong the songs are. The band rendered both the rock numbers such as Wall Street Shuffle and The Dean and I very well, as well as performing outstanding versions of the more orchestral numbers. Rick Fenn is a standout guitarist and Rick Wilson did a great job of creating the more unusual parts of some of the songs such as on Donna and Don't Hang Up .

The crowd for this last show was small which was a pity, but there was tube strike going on. However as the audience migrated toward the stage they became more enthusiastic and brought the band back for a truly sublime encore of the signature I'm Not in Love.

I enjoyed it a lot and recommend catching this 10 CC recreation if they tour again. 

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